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Published in J. Herbots editor / R. Blanpain general editor, International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Contracts, Suppl. 29 (December 2000) 1-192. Reproduced with permission of the publisher Kluwer Law International, The Hague.

[For more current case annotated texts by this author, see Bernstein & Lookofsky, Understanding the CISG in Europe, 2d ed. (2003) and Lookofsky, Understanding the CISG in the USA, 2d ed. (2004).]

excerpt from

The 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts
for the International Sale of Goods

Joseph Lookofsky

Article 22
Withdrawal of Acceptance

131. The CISG rule regarding withdrawal of an offer has been previously discussed.[l] As regards withdrawal of an acceptance, Article 22 provides as follows: 'An acceptance may be withdrawn if the withdrawal reaches the offeror before or at the same time as the acceptance would have become effective.'

It follows from Article 22 that an acceptance may not be withdrawn after it has become effective: once the acceptance is in effect, the contract is in effect in its entirety,[2] so any attempt to 'withdraw' the acceptance after this point will constitute a breach by the offeree. [page 76]

1. Regarding Article 15 see supra No. 104.
2. Regarding Article 23. see infra (text directly below).

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