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This is a bibliography on uniform international sales law and on principles of international sales law. The bibliography also contains citations to selected domestic sales law comparatives.

Further steps we plan to take include continued current attention to the core elements of our bibliography, the CISG, the UNIDROIT Principles and the PECL; added citations to material on lex mercatoria and an improved search mechanism. For the latter, we are working to set in place key-word codings of bibliography entries.

Our bibliography contains over 4,700 citations to scholarly writings. We also offer a start-up library on the CISG and uniform international sales law; see selected full texts of scholarly writings. Our bibliography currently contains links to approximately 300 full texts of such writings. We are expanding this library. We see a special need for this. Many of the persons who draw on our database -- they are from 144 countries -- are at locations with law library facilities that are not as well endowed as they would wish. We welcome the opportunity to publish on the Internet theses on international contract law. If you are a thesis writer, we encourage you to consider our invitation to scholars.


The inspiration for our bibliography is Prof. Michael R. Will. We have drawn on his works. We have sought to emulate his scholarly approach; where we have failed in this respect -- some of our citations are at present partially incomplete or not yet translated -- the fault is ours. We are taking steps to rectify these shortcomings.

We thank researchers who use our database, many of whom serve as bibliography correspondents. We express a special debt of appreciation to Prof. Marie Stefanini Newman, Law Librarian of the Pace University School of Law. Other important sources upon which we draw include the published works of UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT and Unilex bibliographers, the bibliography maintained by the editors of the CISG online website of the University of Freiburg, and the bibliographies contained in Peter Schlechtriem ed., Kommentar zum Einheitlichen UN-Kaufrecht, 3d ed., München: Beck (2000), and Ole Lando & Hugh Beale eds., Principles of European Contract Law, Parts I and II, Kluwer Law International (2000).


We invite all who use this bibliography to help us improve it. Please use the Comments/Contributions link provided to present suggestions and to call to our attention citations we have not yet captured.

We will be setting in place a key-word search mechanism. Its underpinning will be an English-language comparative-contract-law thesaurus. A multi-lingual thesaurus is a future goal, but we are not yet ready for this. When you call new bibliography citations to our attention, where they are in languages other than English -- our bibliography contains citations in twenty-four languages -- we respectfully invite you to accompany the citations with English translations of the titles of the writings.

Albert H. Kritzer

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