The Institute of International Commercial Law

Aim of the Institute

The aim of the Institute is to promote friendly and constructive international trade relations through programs designed to interest and inform the legal profession.

Officers and management of the Institute

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The Institute's essay competition is managed by Professor Keith D. Nunes. Professor Nunes is a Fellow of the Institute. Professor Bergsten manages the Institute's International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Professor Triffin and Mr. Kritzer manage the Institute's Internet program.

The founding director of the Institute was Willem C. Vis (1924-1993). The Institute has been constituted to join the talents of practitioners with the expertise of academic personnel. A practitioner allied with Professors Bergsten, Nunes and Triffin, Mr. Kritzer was International Sales Counsel of the General Electric Company. The Board of Trustees of the Institute also reflects such alliances. Its members are drawn from private and corporate practice, academic institutions and international organizations that share knowledge on international commercial law and techniques of dispute resolution.

Activities of the Institute

Activities at the Pace Institute of International Commercial Law include:

Collegiality and its importance to the Institute

Collegiality is an important element of each program of the Institute. Other institutions that are collaborating in the production of the newest Institute program, the electronic library, include the Institut für Ausländisches und Internationales Privatrecht of the University of Freiburg of Germany, the Academy of Jurisprudence of Russia, and the International Trade Law Project of the Institutt for Rettsvitenskap of the University of Tromsø of Norway.

Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University, March 1995