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SCHROETER, Ulrich G. [Germany]

2014. The Validity of International Sales Contracts: Irrelevance of the "Validity Exception" in Article 4 Sales Convention and a Novel Approach to Determining the Convention's Scope, in I. Schwenzer & L. Spagnolo (eds.), Boundaries and Intersections: The 5th Annual MAA Schlechtriem CISG Conference, The Hague, Eleven International Publishing (2014) 95-117

SCHROETER, Ulrich G. [Germany]

2015. The Modern Travelling Merchant: Mobile Communication in International Contract Law, Contratto e impresa/Europa (2015) 19-43

Citations to be added to database bibliography

BENETI, Ana Carolina [Brazil]

2015. Brazil and the CISG: A Question of Legal Certainty, Internationales Handelsrecht (Köln, Germany) vol. 15, no. 3 (2015) 98-101


2015. Kártérítés fedezeti szerződés alapján [Compensation Based on Hedging Contract - in Hungarian], Magyar jog (Budapest) vol. 5 (2015) 274-282


2014. International Commercial Contracts: Applicable Sources and Enforceability. Cambridge, U.K., Cambridge University Press (2014) 329 p.


2014. Quo vadis CISG?: Interaction Between the Vienna Convention on International Sales of Goods of 1980 and mixed contracts, Iustinianus Primus law review (Skopje) vol. 6, no. 10 (2014)

DiMATTEO, Larry A. [U.S.]

2015. Contractual Excuse under the CISG: Impediment, Hardship, and the excuse doctrines, Pace International Law Review (White Plains, N.Y.) vol. 27, no. 1 (2015) 258-305


2014. Da desnecessidade de inadimplemento essencial para aplicaçăo do Art. 74 da CISG e dos danos efetivamente recuperáveis [About the Unnecessity of Fundamental Breach for Application of Art. 74 CISG and about the damages effectively recoverable - in Portuguese], Revista de direito internacional = Brazilian journal of International Law (Brasília) vol. 11, no. 1 (2014) 179-201

SAIDOV, Djakhongir [Uzbekistan]

2015. Conformity of Goods and Documents: the Vienna Sales Convention, Oxford, U.K., Hart (2015) 285 p.


2015. Battle of the Forms Under the CISG: One or More Solutions? Internationales Handelsrecht (Köln, Germany) vol. 15, no. 3 (2015) 89-94

SUND-NORRGĹRD, Petra [Sweden]

2015. Friskrivningsklausuler i köpeavtal [Limitation of Liability Clauses in Sale of Goods Contracts - in Swedish], Tidskrift utgiven av Juridiska Föreningen i Finland: JFT (Helsingfors) vol. 2 (2015) 115-141

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