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Status of the database and development plans

Status of the database

Much work has gone into laying the foundation of this database. However, much more work will be needed to complete and maintain it. At this time, some segments of the contents of the database are only partially complete.


The database contains a "guest register". Persons who sign this register by entering their e-mail address or other address will automatically be apprised of additions to the database. The intent is to have the database function as a bank with both withdrawals and deposits of information.

A link to the registration form is at the top of this screen.

Development Plans

The following will be among the additions to the database:

Cross-Reference Analysis

Participating Scholars

Argentina Alejandro M. Garro
Alberto M. Zuppi
Belgium Marcel Fontaine
Hans van Houtte
Canada Claude Samson
Denmark Joseph Lookofsky
France Claude Witz
Germany Fritz Enderlein
Burghard Piltz
Peter Schlechtriem
Italy Franco Ferrari
Japan Ryuichi Tsuno
Mexico José Maria Abascal
Norway Ralph Amissah
Spain Pilar Perales
Sweden Jan Ramberg
Switzerland Michael R. Will
United States Vivian G. Curran
Harry M. Flechtner
Robert A. Hillman
Richard Hyland
Eric C. Schneider
Joseph J. Schwerha
United Nations Julio Baez

A select number of these analyses have been completed and entered in the database; others are in progress. Cross-reference editorial analyses of many, but not all of the articles of the CISG are under way. Additional scholars who wish to participate in this endeavor are encouraged to contact Pace. The address to use for this purpose is:

Executive Secretary
Institute of International Commercial Law
Pace University School of Law
78 North Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 (914) 422-4159
Fax: +1 (914) 422-4405

Promise of the database

The computer is a new invention. It has a vast potential. Its dimensions are only now beginning to be felt.

Our profession, like other professions, is on the verge of an "information revolution".

Our profession has great respect for precedent. For an American school such as Pace -- when thinking of the information revolution or any other revolution, the revolution that comes readily to mind is the American revolution of 1776.

That revolution commenced with Committees of Correspondence. So too did this database. It commenced with correspondence with individuals of many nations, united under a law that is new to each nation.

The American revolution progressed to Articles of Confederation devised by representatives of 13 states who wished to form a close working relationship. Eventually, it grew to a union that encompasses 50 American states. This database also seeks to perfect a union -- a union of persons from a larger number of States, united in their desire to share knowledge of our uniform international sales law.

"Articles of Confederation" are today being devised by persons from universities of 9 States: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. A commonality is interest in the law that is the subject of this database, and a vision of the computer as an emerging way to share our understandings. The intent is to grow this "union" to encompass persons from universities, law firms and organizations of as many States as is feasible.

A revolution should have a motto. This revolution has two mottos:

Ad astra per astra, to the stars through the stars. The sights of a database on the simplification of world trade ought to be set high: to present each segment of this database and complementary national databases in the best and most user-friendly manner permitted by emerging technology. With the help of many persons, it is hoped that this database can come closer to approaching this goal.

Ad astra per aspera, to the stars through hard work. It is much work assembling a database such as this; but the rewards are high.

All who believe in these goals are respectfully invited to participate in the improvement of this database.

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