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Article 90. Relationship to other Conventions


This Convention does not prevail over any international agreement which has already been or may be entered into and which contains provisions concerning the matters governed by this Convention, provided that the parties have their places of business in States parties to such agreement.


90A Conventions with provisions governing same matters


Final provisions ; Other conventions


Russia 22 March 2002 Arbitration Award No. 225/2000 90A [translation available]

Italy 19 June 2000 Suprema Corte di Cassazione [Supreme Court] 90A [translation available]

Russia 18 December 1998 Arbitration award 288/1997 90A [translation available]

Russia 2 October 1998 Arbitration award 113/1997 90A [translation available]

Russia 14 April 1998 Arbitration award 47/1997 90A [translation available]

Russia 21 November 1994 Arbitration award 90A [translation available]

Belgium 5 October 1994 Tribunal commercial [District Court] Bruxelles [translation available]

Italy 24 October 1988 Corte di Cassazione [Supreme Court] 90A

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