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2008 UNCITRAL Digest of case law on the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods

Digest of Article 70 case law [reproduced with permission of UNCITRAL]

Article 70

If the seller has committed a fundamental breach of contract, articles 67, 68 and 69 do not impair the remedies available to the buyer on account of the breach.


1. Under article 70, even though risk of loss or damage to the goods has passed to the buyer as provided in the preceding three articles, the buyer retains its remedies unimpaired if the seller has committed a fundamental breach of contract. There are no reported cases applying this article.

[See also the overview comments UNCITRAL has prepared to introduce the provisions of the CISG dealing with Passing of Risk (articles 66 through 70). They discuss Nature of Risk, Parties' Agreement on Passing of Risk, Other Binding Rules on Passing of Risk, Burden of Establishing the Passing of Risk, and Risk of Loss or Damage Following Termination or Avoidance.]

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