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Match-up of CISG article 27 with ULIS provisions

CISG Article 27

Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Part of the Convention, if any notice, request or other communication is given or made by a party in accordance with this Part and by means appropriate in the circumstances, a delay or error in the transmission of the communication or its failure to arrive does not deprive that party of the right to rely on the communication.


ULIS Article 14 and 39(3)

ULIS Article 14

Communications provided for by the present Law shall be made by the means usual in the circumstances.[ULF Article 12(2) is identical.]

ULIS Article 39(3)

Where any notice referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article [i.e., a notice of lack of conformity] has been sent by letter, telegram or other appropriate means, the fact that such notice is delayed or fails to arrive at its destination shall not deprive the buyer of the right to rely thereon.

Pace Law School Institute of International Commercial Law - May 22, 2001

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