Matchup of CISG Article 60 with ULIS/ULF

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Match-up of CISG Article 60 with ULIS provisions

"Two criticisms levelled at Article 65 Ulis led to a change in regard to the CISG. First, Article 60 states that the taking of delivery is an obligation of the buyer; secondly, it limits the preparatory acts required of the buyer to those which could reasonably be expected of him in order to enable delivery to be made. Article 65 ULIS refers to 'such acts as are necessary'." Hager in Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods, Peter Schlechtriem ed. (Oxford 1998) 477 [citations omitted].

     CISG Article 60                      ULIS Article 65 
The buyer's obligation to take      Taking delivery consists in 
delivery consists: (a) in doing     the buyer's doing all such acts 
all the acts which could            as are necessary in order to 
reasonably be expected of him       enable the seller to hand over 
in order to enable the seller to    the goods and actually taking 
make delivery; and (b) in taking    them over. 
over the goods.                 

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