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Match-up of CISG Article 66 with ULIS provisions

"[CISG] Article 66 corresponds essentially to Article 96 ULIS. It merely contains some drafting changes." Hager in Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods, Peter Schlechtriem ed. (Oxford 1998) 500 [citations omitted].

     CISG Article 66                         ULIS Article 96 
Loss of or damage to the goods       Where the risk has passed 
after the risk has passed to the     to the buyer, he shall pay the 
buyer does not discharge him         price notwithstanding the loss 
from his obligation to pay the       or deterioration of the goods, 
price, unless the loss or damage     unless this is due to the act of 
is due to an act or omission of      the seller or of some other 
the seller.                          person for whose conduct 
                                     the seller is responsible. 

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