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     CISG Article 83                 ULIS Article 80 
A buyer who has lost the        The buyer who has lost the 
right to declare the contract   right to declare the contract 
avoided or to require the       avoided by virtue of Article 
seller to deliver substitute    79 shall retain all the other 
goods in accordance with        rights conferred on him by 
article 82 retains all other    the present Law. 
remedies under the         
contract and this Convention. 

Comments on the match-up

"Because Article 83 supplements Article 82, its forerunners were each slightly amended and extended to reflect the changes made to the forerunners to Article 81 and Article 82. The words 'or to require the seller to deliver substitute goods' were therefore also inserted in Article 83." Other changes are "retains all other remedies" rather than "shall retain all the other rights conferred on him by the present law"; and the addition of the words "under the contract and this Convention". Leser in Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods, Peter Schlechtriem ed. (Oxford 1998) 652 [citations omitted].

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