ZIEGLER, Alexander von / RONØE, Jette H. / DEBATTISTA, Charles / PLÉGAT-KERRAULT, Odile B. eds.

1999. Transfer of Ownership in International Trade, Kluwer Law International/ICC (1999) 437 p. [Transfer of title, property or ownership is not regulated by the CISG. Article 4(b). It is, however, relevant to all international contracts for the sale of goods. Commentaries are provided for Australia (Martin Davies) 5-38; Austria (Werner Melis) 39-52; Belgium (Roger Roland) 53-76; Canada (W. David Angus/Peter J. Cullen) 77-99; Denmark (Jette Hassing Ronøe) 101-127; England (Charles Debattista) 129-153; France (Odile B. Plégat-Kerrault 155-179; Germany (Karsten Thorn) 181-200; Italy (Stefano Zunarelli) 201-216; Japan (Takashi Suzuki) 217-234; Netherlands (Richard Zwitser) 235-263); Norway (Halfdan Mellbye) 265-281; Peoples' Republic of China (Fei Ning) 283-295; Russia (Valery Musin) 297-325; South Africa (Lance Burger) 327-338; Sweden (Bengt Åke Johnsson) 365-392; Switzerland (Alexander von Ziegler) 393-413; United States of America (George F. Chandler, III) 415-429]