LEX MERCATORIA WEBSITE [http://lexmercatoria.net]

The lexmercatoria website, edited by Ralph Amissah, was begun in 1993 at the Law Faculty of the University of Tromsø in Norway. It was originally named Ananse and then the International Trade Law Monitor. It was the first legal website devoted to a particular subject area, namely, international trade and commercial law. The lexmercatoria website provides the texts of some of the more important treaties, conventions, model laws, rules aimed at harmonizing international trade/commerce and sets of links to sites that are of interest for the working of international commerce. Recognizing the problems for information management resulting from the glut of information available, an attempt is made to organize and restrict the links provided to those that are likely to be most useful in the area targeted. A highly regarded site: "If I had only one place to go for access to the full text of major trade related agreements, this would be it." Marci Hoffman, International Law Librarian, University of Minnesota.