SCHULZE, Reiner ed.

2008. Common Frame of Reference and Existing EC Contract Law, Sellier European Law Publishers (2008) [Contributions by Gianmaria Ajani ("A Better Coherence of EU Private Law" and Multilingualism: Two Opposing Principles), Giuditta Cordero Moss (Contracts between Consumer Protection and Trade Usages: Some Observations on the Importance of State Contract Law), Judit Fazekas (Connection between the CFR and a possible horizontal instrument of consumer law), Helmut Heiss (The Common Frame of Reference (CFR) of European Insurance Law), Gerog Kathrein (Europäisches Vertragsrecht - Österreichische Haltung), Konstantinos D. Kerameus (Comparative Law and Common Frame of Reference), Paul Lagarde (Cadre commun de reference et droit international privé), Stefan Leible (Non-Discrimination), Ulrich Magnus (The damages rules in the acquis communautaire, in the Acquis Principles, and in the DCFR), Thomas Pfeiffer (Non-Negotiated Terms), Hans Schulte-Nölke (Contract Law or Law of Obligations? - The Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) as a multifunction tool), Reiner Schultze (The Academic Draft of the CFR and the EC Contract Law), Evelyne Terryn (The Right of Withdrawal, the Acquis Principles, and the Draft Common Frame of Reference), Christian Twigg Flesner (Pre-contractual duties - from the acquis to the Common Frame of Reference), Sief van Erp (DCER and Property Law: The need for consistency and coherence); Fryderyk Zoll [The Remedies for Non-Performance in the System of the Acquis Group)]