- Article 79 Colloquy: Adal, Alkin, Bennett, Bonell, Date-Bah, Eyzaguirre, Ferraro, Gregoire, Herber, Hjerner, Honnold, Inaamullah, Kamarul, Krispis, Kuchibhotla, Loewe, Mascow, Mantilla-Molina, Mathanjuki, Michida, Nicholas, Olivencia Ruiz, Osah, Plantard, Rognlien, Sevón, Venkatasubramanyan, Vinding Kruse, Vischer, Widmer, Ziegel

1980. Impediment excusing a party from damages. Points of view expressed at Vienna Diplomatic Conference - colloquies on the scope of Article 79(2) [Party's failure due to failure by third person] [Official Records 378-381, paras. 21-51 and OR 410-412, paras. 1-37]