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Guide to case codes

UNCITRAL has devised a coded outline of issues for each Article of the CISG. The outline was devised by John O. Honnold, Michael Joachim Bonell and Ambassador Mahmoud Soliman.

Not all of the cases we list have been coded. The system is:

-  Cases listed and coded

Wherever we have identified a relevant interpretation of an Article of the CISG, the case has been coded to the UNCITRAL outline. At the present time, the codings are being done by the editor of the cisgw3 database. He is not fluent in any language other than English. The cisgw3 case codings are therefore currently limited to those for which we have an English text or English translation or an English abstract.

-  Cases listed but not coded

There are two categories of cases listed without codings:

-    Some cases, coded as above, also contain references to Articles of the CISG - "references to" as distinguished from "interpretations" of Articles. Cases with such references are also listed with each Article cited, but these citations have not been coded. [A similar breakdown is found in our cisgw3 case presentations. In the cisgw3 case presentations, the breakdown is: "Key CISG provisions at issue" and "CISG provisions also cited".]
-    There are also cases for which we are awaiting the preparation of an English translation or abstract. These cases are listed with each Article of the CISG cited in the case, however, their coding awaits completion of the translation or abstract.

Another set of case annotations to consider

A research challenge is, of course, whether a case has been properly coded. Unilex also annotates and codes cases by Articles of the CISG and by issues. Unilex has devised its own coding system. Access to Unilex case annotations as well as cisgw3 case annotations can help researchers verify that they have identified cases of interest to them. Unilex case-coded annotations are available on the Internet <http://www.unilex.info/article.cfm?pid=1> and in a printed text marketed by Transnational Publishers of Ardsley, New York.

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