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Lex mercatoria material related to Article 20 CISG

  1. Go to the CENTRAL Transnational Law Database (TLDB).


    Click TLDB's "List of Lex Mercatoria Principles".

  2. Scroll to Chapter IV: Contract, Section 5: Contractual obligations, Principle No. IV.5.6 - Holidays and non-business days.

    "If a notice letter or other communication cannot be delivered at the address of the addressee on the last day of a period set by law or contractual stipulation, because that day falls on an official holiday or non-business day at the place of business of the addressee, the period is extended until the first business day which follows."

    The TLDB database provides annotations to this text. The TLDB annotations address Doctrine, Conventions, National Legislation, Terms/Rules.

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